Thinking . . .

This past weekend has made me reflect on a lot of things. I don’t really know where to go with all this thinking, except to God. He knows my thoughts, as crazy and as jumbled as they are right now. It’s a good thing I keep a written journal because I can pour out the jumbled mess there and no one reads it. Sorry to be so cryptic. Just a prayer request for wisdom and guidance, thanks!

It was a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect and we got all the stuff outside packed away for the cold winter months ahead. Got to sit out and enjoy the sunshine, too. Gotta get a little vitamin D before the winter starts.

Church was good! There’s an evangelist there this week (until Wednesday) – Chuck Kempf. Really good!! I want to try to get out to tomorrow’s meeting if possible. Spiritually refreshing – I’ve needed it lately.

Yesterday morning my son, Ryan, was downstairs making breakfast before church. He had unloaded the dishwasher (I run it at night so the stuff is clean in the mornings) and poured us drinks and was making toast. I helped him out by scrambling eggs to go with the toast. Then he cleaned up the mess/dishes after we were done. It was just incredibly sweet and I just love him so much! I made sure he knew how special it was to me, and how special he is to me.

The boys are almost done with school for the day. I let them take a very long lunch break, too long really. They are working on finding state capitals on a map of the U.S. Nathan had fun and Ryan is ok with his brother helping him out. Well, mountains of laundry are calling to me, so I should get going and get something done today.

Today I’m thanking God for His goodness and love and for the sweet family He has blessed me with.

4 thoughts on “Thinking . . .

  1. Hi Sandi! Thanks for checking out my blog! I haven't got into the study on a Wife's Biblical Submission. I was having trouble figuring out HOW to do it (sometimes I am so computer illiterate). I'll have to get back over there and try to figure it out. How are you doing with it? I DID start a study by Elizabeth George – I Peter. That has been really good so far!

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