What a week!

This has been a busy and long week with school!

The kids working hard in their PACES.

Nathan’s celery experiment right after we put the celery in the red water (Tuesday Nov 3).

The next day (Nov 4): Hard to see the red here, but it’s a little red in the leaves.

There’s a closer picture.

So we learned that the leaves turned red from the celery pulling up the red water through the bottom of the plant. It would probably work with a white flower as well. It was to kind of show how roots would send the water up to the leaves of a plant (minus the roots here).

This school week seemed endless. The kids are struggling to concentrate. I’m struggling to keep my sanity and had a slip of it the one day (ugh). Over the nice weekend they are going outside to enjoy it! 🙂 We have a few more field trips planned this year and those days will be wonderful!


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