Bible Study and other things

Today I am beginning a Bible Study on I Peter. It’s “Putting On a Gentle & Quiet Spirit” by Elizabeth George. My secret sister at church gave me a gift card to the Christian Bookstore in Cranberry, so I went there and decided on getting the study.

There are many things in life I need to learn, and being gentle and quiet are just a couple of them. I will be writing about the things I’m learning. I’m going to try to do 2-3 lessons each week – there are 25 lessons total.
Lately I’ve been thinking about my priorities and how they truly need to be rearranged and put in the proper order. Funny, I start to do this earlier in the year and then get totally side tracked and forget about it.
The thing that got me startled into doing this was nothing really to do with priorities. I stood on my bathroom scale and realized that I had gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks!! Yikes!! What happened?? I really don’t know, but have decided to keep a journal with what I’m eating and what I’m doing as far as exercise goes.
Then thinking about things last night I realized that I am getting myself on track to lose weight, but what about other priorities? What about my time with God? What about my time with husband and children? How are these things going? Then I realized they are not good.
My time with God is a Daily Bread each day, which is good. My prayer time is needing much work. I need to remember to pray always. I remember talking to God throughout the day when I was younger. Scripture memorization – needs work as well. I’m learning some of the verses that I don’t know when I help the kids with their Awana books. Figured it was good for them, and good for me as well!
My time with my husband is usually really good! How I LOVE that man!! Speaking of my husband, today is his birthday! He’d rather not talk about it since he’s closer to 40 (he’s 36). The kids and I are coming up with ideas for dinner and a birthday snack for him. Should be fun anyway! Eric is such a blessing to me!! God’s plans are truly the best and I am thankful every day for Eric!
Our children are precious and sweet and I love them so very much!! I’m thankful God gave them to us, I don’t deserve them. There are days where I am a complete and total failure as a parent. I mean I fail them each day at some point, but some days are just way worse than others. This is where the Gentle and Quiet spirit lessons are going to come into play. I am not always gentle with them, sometimes I am very short tempered with them and then comes the non-quiet part. It’s an awful thing and I want to change, for God and for them.
Homeschooling the kiddos isn’t easy and some days it’s just downright hard and frustrating. Other days are wonderful! I love seeing when they learn something and how excited they are when they grasp a concept! It has been an interesting journey so far and I’m thankful for the opportunity to homeschool them!
All this to say that I am working on my priorities (again). I’m sure I’ll fail (again), but thank God He doesn’t give up on me and gives me the chance to get things on the right track again!

3 thoughts on “Bible Study and other things

  1. I totally relate to the need for a gentle and quiet spirit with the kiddos. That's been on my heart a lot, especially this year. I pray for wisdom, direction, and kindness! I have to remind myself that *I* am the one they are with pretty much 24 hours a day. I pray I'm a good testimony and example to them. Anyway, Em, I'm interested to see what these lessons bring to you in your every day life. I'm sure I'll benefit a lot from them too!!

  2. Thanks Stacy! I look forward to the lessons and what God will have me to learn! It's such a huge responsibility: raising and homeschooling and being a testimony to our children!

  3. I love your transparency! I love to learn that I am not alone. Your heart sounds like mine. I am studying Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell. I will have to get the one you are doing. Would love to hear about what the Lord speaks to you. Please share.

    Saint Shellie

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