Field trip and a little fear . .

The fear part was not the during the field trip. Yesterday I took the kids to Marburger Dairy in Evans City for a tour with a group of homeschoolers. It was a big group! We met Jetaime Johnson and her boys there and it was a good time. I learned a lot about the place as well.

A newborn calf. Not much more than 12 hours old. Sooo adorable!

Milking time. The cows get milked at 3 pm and 3 am each day. They know when it is time to be milked. Cows are creatures of habit and do the same thing every day.

This was before we went to get our samples of milk.

Strawberry milk was a favorite yesterday! I had vanilla and I really enjoyed it, too! 🙂

After we got to try some milk, we left to spend the afternoon at the Johnson’s house before Awana. We arrived at their house some time after 4pm. The kids scattered to play and Jetaime showed me their house, then we started working on pizza for dinner.

While standing in the kitchen, Jetaime’s phone rang and we could hear kids yelling and saying something about bees. That really got us scared. We knew the boys had gone to the woods to play, so Jetaime struck out to find them. She was worried because Charlie has had allergic reactions to bee stings in the past. It took a while for some of the boys to come back to the house. Nathan, Ryan, Steven and Kirkland were in that group. Little Charlie and Ben were not around. Jetaime kept looking for them.

The 4 boys were telling how they had stepped on a hole where yellowjackets lived and all the “excitement” that ensued. I am so thankful for God’s protection on the children. It could have been so much worse. Nathan ended up with 4 bee bites. Ryan and Steven had none. Kirkland had 1.

I stayed at the house and held down the fort. There was pizza in the oven and 3 of the kids were still there. I didn’t want the pizza to burn or anything to happen there. It was scary not knowing what was happening and I was ever so glad to see the boys and am so thankful for how things turned out.

Charlie and Ben were found safe. Charlie had 2 bee stings and Ben had 1. There were no severe reactions from any of the children and Jetaime and I were both very thankful for that!! After talking to her this morning she reported that all was well with her family.

We’ve been hearing the story over and over from the boys perspective. It was quite an adventure for them and will be something I’m sure they’ll always remember.


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