D.C. Tea Party 9-12-09

Yesterday was quite the experience! I have never been around so many people in my life! It was so exciting and so neat! The crowd was HUGE. I don’t know what the real numbers are, but wow! Marching down the street was so exciting! The crowd was very alive and very vocal! I’m going to add some pictures that are from my point of view.
My favorite thing, while walking, was the crowd cheer that traveled all the way around. It was like the wave, only with voices. Totally awesome! Gave me the chills!

I have been frustrated watching the news today, even Fox News. I don’t know what the coverage was like yesterday, as I was there, but today it’s just kinda blah. The pundits blab about what they think it was about. They have no idea since they weren’t there. It wasn’t only about Health care and taxation. There were groups representing all kinds of things! Not only the health care, taxation, but pro-life, 2nd amendment rights, freedom and what our country was founded on – God. Of course you have the people protesting the President and what the House/Senate has become and what they would prefer it to be. The list goes on and on, but it was a very unique experience.

So many people, so many walks of life, so much in common. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

There will be more pictures on my facebook page. I just wanted to show a bit of the crowd.


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