Inner Ear Infection(?) revisited – update!

Sunday morning I woke up and the weird dizziness was gone! I did take the medicine (Meclizine) for a full day’s course. That stuff knocks me out! I haven’t taken any today and I have been good all day! Praise the Lord! Just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers as well! THANK YOU!

Today was a definite Monday in the school department. I’m hoping tomorrow is better.

This evening I helped Eric hang the first piece of drywall in our hallway ceiling upstairs. I’m not a lot of help really, but I tried. 🙂 He made these things called “deadmen” and I put them under the drywall to get it up to the ceiling. I think the next 2 sections he’s going to need his brother’s help. It’s over the stairway and I really am very wimpy. Over the weekend Eric put in our new bedroom door!! It’s so thrilling to have a bedroom door that actually closes AND locks! I will post pictures of this new door. I’m glad he liked my choice in door knobs! 🙂

This afternoon I was out picking cucumbers and we have a sink full of them. The plants are dying off now. I think they got the blight our tomatoes have. 😦 So sad. I hardly have any tomatoes this year. I picked almost a gallon bag of green beans. Not sure, but they might have the blight as well. Our green pepper trees are beautiful, but they are producing very little. I’ve only picked 4 peppers from the 12 plants. I’ll definitely have to rework the garden next year. Spinach died out a while ago. So sad! I am going to try growing spinach over the winter in the house. I just need to find a good light and a good spot for the huge flower pot.

Fall is in the air. I felt it and smelled it yesterday and today! I’m not ready for fall and definitely not ready for winter this year.

I am looking forward to Awana starting this Thursday! The kids are excited about Awana, too! I can’t believe tomorrow is September already!


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