Garden Goodness!

Here is my first attempt at canning! Only 5 jars for now. They have successfully sealed and are cooling on the counter. I have more green beans (about a half gallon more), but do not have the time right now to can them.
I won’t be posting any blogs for a while. We are going on vacation tomorrow morning! I’ve been canning and washing laundry. Dug out the bags to pack up the clothes after they are folded. Should make for an interesting day today. I really need to get busy now. Lunch for the kiddos, and the fun task of laundry sorting and packing. It’ll be a great time though!
Our plans are pretty simple. We are going out to Eric’s cousin’s in Ohio for a few days. We’ll visit his aunt and uncle as well. Not sure of the agenda there, yet. Then on Tuesday we are planning on going to Dayton and see what’s there. I’m praying the weather gets better! 🙂 So I will post more another time and will put vacation pictures on here and on facebook!

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