Weekend in Review

This past weekend was really busy and really fun! Friday I had to go for a follow-up ultrasound just to check and see if the ovarian cyst is gone. Will find out results this week some time. After that I did some grocery shopping since we were having company come that evening.

Eric’s cousins came from south of Columbus Friday evening and stayed until yesterday around noon. We always enjoy when they come for a visit! Saturday was Eric’s mom’s side (Mason) family reunion. All were there but Eric’s parents, brothers and their families as they were on their way home from Canada. It was good to see the out of town relatives!
Yesterday morning we were hanging out here at home with Cheryl, Tim and the girls before they started their trek back home. We jumped on the trampoline, drank lots of coffee and just enjoyed hanging around out back. I had to get a picture of the girls together.

Cheryl was giving us some ideas of things to do out in their area. We were talking about going to Georgia or somewhere south for Eric’s vacation, then we decided to save some money and not go as far away. We have a list of things, but I have to get online and look them up for pricing and hours. Once I do that I’ll post a list of what we’ll be doing out there. I’m excited about the time away and Grace will be so excited to see the girls again!

Then I had to go grocery shopping yesterday afternoon. I didn’t get to do the whole trip on Friday. 😦 I don’t like grocery shopping on Sunday, but I didn’t have much choice. Today the Durango is going to the shop to get a new bumper and get inspected and it’ll probably be there all week. That bumper is just a rusted piece of junk. The mechanic is going to have fun taking care of that! Well, that’s about all from here for now!


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