My week

This has been a most interesting week! Monday was just beautiful!

Tuesday was just beautiful too! I spent a lot of Tuesday out sanding my porch table because I’m going to refinish that and the chair. Last summer I refinished the bench to the set and I wanted it all to look good and the same! πŸ™‚

Tuesday evening I was out watering the garden when it seemed like something hit me from the inside of my head and just threw me off balance. I could hardly walk. It is a strange dizziness. Even now I get waves of it, but nothing like Tuesday evening, thank the Lord!

The dizziness continued Wednesday, and yesterday. Eric thought I should go to the doctor’s, so I got in to see my doctor yesterday afternoon. Of course, no dizziness occurred while at the doctor’s. Wonder why that happens? My diagnosis is an inner ear infection and the link has my symptoms almost spot on! (middle ear infections are the ones the Dr. can see when they look into your ear and are really sore and you just feel miserable from those). I told him I didn’t feel sick or anything at all. No sore ears, no sore throat, no symptoms of anything. It’s a viral infection called labyrinthitis, so there are no medicines for that, but if the dizziness gets to bad I have a prescription for something to help that. He said it’ll come and go in waves for 7 – 10 days.

Thank God it’s nothing more than that! I had thoughts of, “Is this a stroke?” “Is it an aneurysm?” Silly thoughts, but it was a scary time. The only thing he said was if I have numbness or tingling in my face to go back. Should have thought to ask him what that might mean, but didn’t think of it at the time. I was so relieved to just be diagnosed with the inner ear infection that I only thought about that later.

I have been doing stuff around the house today. If I get too dizzy, I just stop and rest for a while. Someone’s gotta do laundry and get meals and try to clean a little! πŸ™‚


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