Spinach – yummy!

Here is some of the “fruit” of my labors! Spinach is sooo good! I love it! Ours would be considered organic. We haven’t used pesticides or anything on the leaves or in the garden. We only use Sevin if the bugs start munching away on everything.
Yesterday I had to watch a video online to find out how to harvest spinach. I grew it last year, but it didn’t turn out very well. After looking at the garden on Sunday it was time to find out proper harvesting, etc. The video was very instructional and I learned more about growing spinach than I knew previously. Yay for learning!
I was looking at a friend’s blog and she had a site she liked about “green smoothies” and I’m thinking I just might give that a try today. Thanks Kristin! 🙂
Last night for dinner we had pitas stuffed with spinach, steak, ranch OR spinach, chicken, ranch. It’s very easy and we all like it in some form or another. Eric, Ryan and I ate it stuffed in pitas. Nathan just had a bowl of the spinach/steak/ranch and Grace just had plain spinach and cut up chicken in a bowl. Very good stuff! 🙂


One thought on “Spinach – yummy!

  1. very nice, emily! wow! that looks like great spinach! do you know how much organic spinach costs? a fortune! you don't want to know.

    very well done. truly the fruit of your labors! hope you enjoy the smoothies and salads. i'll try to remember the ant book tomorrow. look in your box on sunday:)

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