My Weekend in Review

What a weekend it has been! I am still spinning around in circles from it really. Friday night we had a wonderful family evening and went out for dinner. We had a gift card for Red Lobster and decided to finally use it. We needed out of the house for a bit. It was a yummy meal!

Then Saturday we took the kids to Butler County Youth Field Days. It started at 8am and we were done before 3pm. It was a long day and lots of walking, but the kids had fun with the different events. They got to try shooting some different kids of guns. I’ll add some pictures another time.

Grace wasn’t afraid of anything either – I thought she might be with some of the guns. Ryan was afraid of shooting the muzzle loader, but he did everything else. Nathan wasn’t afraid of anything either. They loved the climbing wall and the lunch. It was just a good day out of the house. There was a lot of walking, a lot! My legs are so sore today! It’s amazing that I can exercise almost every day and still get sore from just walking! We were all so exhausted by the time the day was over!

After we left the Sportsman’s Club we went to Butler. Hit Sam’s Club to see if they have a trampoline. They do have 15′ ones, but the enclosures were not there, so we did not get one. We figured it would be great exercise and fun for the entire family! We tried Dicks Sporting Goods as well, but they only had 13′ and the enclosure for it as well, but it was almost as expensive as Sam’s 15′ . After we left Sam’s we went out for ice cream. It was so cool and refreshing after a long day out in the sun! πŸ™‚

On the drive to Butler, we hit a cardinal and it bounced off my side mirror. I am thankful that it did not bounce into my window. That would have been so disgusting!

Then last night Eric went to warm up something in the microwave and the thing died on us, so I am presently without a microwave. It’s amazing how dependent I am on that thing! The next several days or so should be rather interesting without it! Ryan is excited, I’m sure – he always wants me to make “real” popcorn. Without the microwave I guess I’ll have to. πŸ™‚

That leads me to this morning. I was already a little nervous because today I began my Sunday School teaching days. I have Grace’s class of 4-6 year olds. There are 3 in the class and today was a pretty good first day, I do have to say! πŸ™‚

On the way to church I saw a big bus parked off I79, right near the church. I didn’t really think anything about it, but there was a woman out taking pictures of it. Then after briefly gawking at it, I pull into the church parking lot and try to park the Durango.

Well, that junk pile wouldn’t go into park for me. I would put it on P and it would go in reverse. The kids ran into the church and Ron Miller came out. He said he had problems with a vehicle like that – it was the linkage to the transmission. He put the emergency break on and I went into the church to leave a message on the answering machine for Eric. Eric didn’t come to church this morning, he was just so exhausted. Thankfully he got the message on the machine and could come get us! He did manage to get the Durango running again and I actually drove his truck today!! I’ve never driven it, except to pull it forward in the driveway. That vehicle is gigantic! It’s a 2003 F-250. It was fine to drive and we (the kids and I) were all a little worried about me driving it. I sat up very high and it’s way bigger than the Durango! Ryan was so nervous he was holding on at first. LOL

After we dropped the Durango off at the automotive repair place, Eric took over the truck driving! πŸ™‚ He was telling me that huge bus parked along the road there was Kenny Chesney’s tour bus. I’m not a fan of his or even of country music, but my guess is he was probably in the tour bus until someone came to pick him up. Eric said there was a crowd of people there. I didn’t notice it.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend. The rest of this afternoon has been way more relaxing. I am a little nervous though. I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to have an ultrasound to see what is up with me lately, and I figured that while I’m there I’m going to get my blood work done. I’ll talk more of this later – if I feel I can share it on here. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure about this Internet blogging stuff all the time. But I have to say your prayers will be appreciated! Thanks!

That is about all from here for now.


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