Tasty Tuesday . . . on Wednesday

Today is obviously not Tuesday and for some reason I totally forgot yesterday was. Today I’m going to tell you that Eric and I think we cracked the secret on making WONDERFUL baby back ribs!

We like to buy ribs on occasion and the past few times we’ve made them they have been getting better. They are cheaper to buy and make yourself than to go to a restaurant! SO this is what we did:

Saturday evening we simmered the ribs (we did a whole rack cut in half) for about an hour. As they cooled Eric rubbed them with salt, pepper and garlic powder. After they were completely cooled I vacuum sealed them and they sat in the fridge for a day (only because we just couldn’t eat them Sunday).

Monday I fired up the charcoal grill and we cooked them for about 2 hours on the grill at a low temperature – our grill’s thermometer read between 170 – 200 degrees. Eric added the BBQ sauce on them in the last 15 minutes – Sweet Baby Ray’s is the BEST BBQ sauce!!!!!!

They were the BEST ribs I have ever had to this point in my life. I’ve only just started eating them a couple years ago and have never had them at a restaurant. Eric is a rib connoisseur though, and he was really impressed with our work. 🙂


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