Friday . . .

Today is the official last day of school at the Strobel household, for this school term, and the beginning of our official summer vacation!!! I am so excited about this! The last few weeks of school have been dragging on forever and we are ready to get on with summer, if only the weather would co-operate!

Summer does mean we will be going over school things. The boys have areas they NEED to work on this summer and I have to make a schedule for that. Days on end without a schedule lead to boredom and aimlessness. With a schedule we will have some order and we do like that! I love that! πŸ™‚ I’ll have to order school curriculum some time over the summer too. Grace will need the kindergarten stuff. I’m thinking it will be so fun! She is eager to learn and wants to do school. I need to decide about Social Studies and Literature & Creative Writing for the boys next year. Sometimes A.C.E.’s stuff does drive me crazy and I don’t necessarily agree with everything in each subject. Something Eric and I will have to talk about and decide what to do.

My next project is working on the bulletin board at church. I have a Father’s Day theme. I need to lay it out and decide what to do with the stuff. Ugh! I hope it looks as nice on the board as it does in my head! I’ve been thinking about doing the bulletin board in my future Sunday School class. It’s not a big board, but it could use a spruce up! πŸ™‚

Spiritually I’ve been having a rough week. It’s just been hard for me to focus on the important things. I had to put that Upwords on here today because it really hit home for me. Jesus’ example of how we are to live life is definitely something to strive for and, lately, I have been so off course. Jesus was here to serve others and He how did! Oh to be like Him!

Physically I’ve been in the blahs as well. I’m going to the dr’s next week for a checkup and see if everything is functioning properly. I’m exhausted mostly all the time, gaining weight and just generally feeling icky. I had a basic thyroid blood panel done and it was fine, but I’m pushing for a couple other tests that they don’t usually run unless you specifically ask for them, so I’m asking. Ever since I had strep throat in Feb/Mar I’ve had this lump sensation in my throat and I just can’t take it anymore. Don’t know if it’s thyroid related, but I’m going to get it checked out since thyroid issues run in my family. I don’t mean to be so whiny about my health today, it’s just one of those days that I just need to get it out. Your prayers are appreciated! Thanks for listening (reading)!

Memorial Day weekend was really nice! The weather was beautiful and Eric was home for 3 days in a row! It’s so fun when he’s here on a vacation! We are, of course, very thankful that he is still working! His boss said they were good until the end of June with jobs, but God keeps supplying jobs for him and the company and we are sooo grateful! I’ve learned that it’s easier to take these worries to God and He does supply the needs as He sees fit!

While Eric was home, he plowed the garden Saturday. Sunday after church I planted some, then Monday after the parade in Chicora the kids went with Eric’s brother’s to Moraine for the entire day. They spent the day fishing and had a wonderful time! Eric and I had a great day home alone! We finished planting the garden and just hung out at home all day! We haven’t had time alone like that in a long time and we enjoyed it!! The children loved fishing! Nathan caught 24 fish (catch and release) and Ryan got 6 and I think Grace got 4. They loved being out on the boats mostly all day and enjoyed their picnic lunch with their uncles and grandparents! So that is what happened last weekend.

5 things I am thankful for (after my complaining I figured I should do this!): (1) my wonderful, sweet husband (2) my 3 precious children (3) my garden (4) the beauty of spring/summer/rainy days (5) I’m thankful for the physical issues – they are learning experiences!

God truly is good and I am grateful for ALL He does for me. He knows what I need and when I need it.


4 thoughts on “Friday . . .

  1. emily-

    i am praying for your health issues. that would be frustrating. it always is when you’re not functioning 100% and are a busy momma taking care of kiddos. please keep me updated if you hear anything.

    on a sunnier note, happy summer vacation! enjoy!

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