My Garden!

My wonderful, sweet husband out plowing the garden yesterday. He said it was much easier to do this year since we used the same spot we used last year. First he fertilized the ground (which I didn’t get pictures of, it was kinda stinky), then tilled it.

That dirt is warm and luxurious to the feet! I was in my bare feet planting today! My only mental issue that kept me from completely enjoying it was that it was indeed fertilized yesterday and I would accidentally pick up lumps I thought were rocks, but weren’t. Kinda grossed me out if I thought about it too much! 🙂 Thank the Lord for showers and soap!! 🙂

I will add pictures once my planting is done. Some of my green bean plants that I started in the house are kind of wimpy and not doing so well, but hopefully they’ll get strong once their roots take to their new home! Spinach is the same way. Not looking good at all, but I did plant another row of spinach seeds in case. The kids helped plant 2 rows of onions and I did a row of green peppers. That’s as far as I got today. Tomorrow will be the cucumbers, tomatoes and Roma tomatoes and I’m not sure about some other plants I have in the house.

Yay for gardening! 🙂 I LOVE this time of year and love eating the fruit of our labor!

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