Weekend in Review

Friday was Eric’s first of I’m sure many long weekends. I think he has come to realize that he needs a schedule of some sort. 🙂 I think he had fun though! I love when he’s home!

Also on Friday we put the boys bunk beds back up. They were quite thrilled about it and all the space that it offered.
Then they wanted to play with these things we got for them many years ago called Rok-n-bok. They are a building creativity set and they have remote vehicles. Eric and I had made a table for them and had a set up in the basement a couple years ago. Well, they didn’t really play with it down there, so on Saturday Eric and the kids helped bring the stuff upstairs to their spacious bedroom and have it all set up now. They are currently building things and driving the vehicles around. This is something good for them and their creativity! 🙂

Yesterday was church. Sunday school and the message were both really great yesterday! In Sunday school we are studying the book of Proverbs. I’ll only get to do this with the class through the end of this month, then I’ll be taking over the 4 & 5 year old class. I am still going to study, just on my own. Maybe with Eric – we shall see! 🙂 I have to get one of my other Bible’s out to mark stuff in. I didn’t do it last week and felt really bad, so I’m doing it this week for sure!

The other day I posted about being prepared and I was just checking Nathan’s Social Studies and in it was the story of Joseph. Joseph told Pharaoh about the dream he had and what it meant. It just brought to mind that they prepared for 7 years of famine! That’s a lot of preparation. I don’t know how much we should really prepare for, but I still think having extras on hand is a good idea!

We got mesquite flavored charcoal for the grill and I have to tell you that stuff is WONDERFUL!! Talk about adding great taste to food! Burgers, hot dogs, chicken are all soooo good! 🙂 Eric will eat chicken if it’s grilled with the charcoal!

Saturday I worked on my seedlings. I didn’t realize how dry they really were! Some had started to wilt and die and some hadn’t even started growing yet. I realized my banana peppers and tomatoes weren’t wet at all!! So I’m hoping after a good soaking they will start! My green beans are unbelievable! I’m going to post pictures of the green beans- one from yesterday and one from today! It’s amazing to see how much they grew overnight!!

Yes, they are amazing!! The top picture is the same of the 2 on the right bottom. Just in a day!! Eric said we are probably going to have to transfer them. LOL I told him they need transferred to the garden! 🙂

One other thing I did Saturday was make apple dumplings! I was amused by my husband since he didn’t know that they were made with whole apples! He was all impressed he learned something. They were soooo good I have to add a picture of one served al a mode! 🙂 YUMMY!

And I wonder why I’m having problems losing weight! 🙂

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