The Last Week

March 9 – today. It has been a very long and crazy week! School went extremely long last week. The days seemed endless really. I think I am ready for a very long vacation, but that probably won’t happen this summer. On a happier note. The boys got a huge kick out of the word “pupa” in Nathan’s Science. It must just sound funny to their ears. They laugh or smile every time the word is said or read.

It had been a rough week for me spiritually. Some days I just had the hardest time with devotions – keeping my mind on them. That is something I tend to struggle with a lot lately. I need to set my affection on things above much better than I have. Saturday’s Our Daily Bread was great (I read it this morning since I didn’t on Sat.)!! It was about cleaning the clutter out of our minds. My mind seems to accumulate a lot of clutter and it needs a good cleaning.

I Corinthians 6:19 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

The last paragraph by Joe Stowell (O.D.B. Sat March 14th) is this, “Perhaps it’s time to set aside a spiritual workday and, with His help, get to work clearing out the clutter. Discard those thoughts of bitterness. Bag up and throw out the old patters of sensual thoughts. Organize your attitudes. Fill your heart with the beauty of God’s Word. Make it clean to the core, and then leave the door open for all to see!” I am going to be doing this some time this week. I must set aside the time and de-clutter my mind.

More like the Master I would ever be,
More of His meekness, more humility;
More zeal to labor, more courage to be true,
More consecration for work He bids me do. – Gabriel

One thing I did accomplish last week was exercising 5 days! Yay! I’m going to do it again this week. It does help me feel much better physically and is a good place to burn off frustrations!

Friday became a sad day and went into a sad weekend. Ok, so the cat we had was one of the least favorite animals to me in the world. I really did hate her. She was my husband’s cat – Mama Kitty – and he loved her so much. Well, Eric picked her up Friday and found some awful gross thing on her stomach. We thought it was her stomach – after she had been attacked by an animal. It was late in the evening, so we had to wait until Saturday morning to take her to the vet. She was being so good Saturday. Eric held her on the ride to the vet. It was so sad. 😦 We had her put to sleep. The mass on her stomach ended up being a cancerous tumor that had broke through the skin. She was pretty sick and really weak with a fever. She purred and purred the whole visit. I bawled my eyes out when they gave her a shot and she quit purring/breathing. I still tear up even as I write this. I am not sure if I somehow loved her even through my strong dislike (ok hate) for her – is that possible? Eric said she was the only cat that ever loved him. She had a strange way of loving him. She would bite/scratch him if he pet her wrong. LOL I didn’t pet her much at all because I am quite allergic to animals. She would have probably been more liked by me if she didn’t use the basement as her litter box. That just irked me to no end. I hated finding puddles – they were everywhere. That was my major gripe about her. But anyway, I think I ached for my husband. He was so upset over the whole thing. It broke my heart to see him so sad.

Saturday after we buried the cat we went to church. It was Awana book time from 11 – 1. We were late, but we did make it. Some of the girls in my class did 10 sections!! 10! It is so amazing! All the kids worked so hard, I’m quite proud of them!

After we cleaned up the church basement we hung out in Cranberry for the rest of the afternoon. It was good to be out of the house for a while. We ate at On the Border, the Mexican restaurant. It’s soo good! We had a nice day out.

Yesterday was church. I have been loving the messages at church! God is using them in my life. I have so much to learn and apply. I’m thankful God is patient with me. I fail Him many times every day, but He is merciful and has forgiven me. One of my thanks for today is salvation through Jesus Christ! Another is for my husband and his love for me. I’m so thankful God brought us together!! My 3rd thing is for the warmer weather!! I think spring is in the air! Yay!

I have more I would like to write, but I will wait until either later today or tomorrow. The political situation has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m into politics a lot. I’m admittedly a radio talk show junkie.


2 thoughts on “The Last Week

  1. Sorry about the cat, Emily. That made me tear up reading your description of what happened! I’m not a cat (or animal person at all for that matter), but it is still hard to see someone you love go through the pain of saying goodbye. Hope you have a better week! Maybe you can take advantage of the weather these next few days and study outside:) Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for your interesting post, and great pictures. Your blog caught my eye this morning because of the quotation from Charles Gabriel's gospel song, “More Like the Master.” Convicting words. Whenever I think of them, I realize how far I have yet to go! For your interest, today is the 77th anniversary of Mr. Gabriel's death. You can learn more about him on my daily blog, Wordwise Hymns. God bless.

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