Spring is in the air!

It started off rainy this morning, but looks a little brighter out now. This spring like weather does me good! The last couple days I’ve been outside clearing fallen sticks and branches and had a nice fire burning yesterday. Yes I do love to play with fire! 🙂 In the summer we spend many evenings out near the fire pit roasting hot dogs and marshmellows. We love doing this a lot during the summer! Good memories and fun times around the fire pit.

Last summer we cleared a nice spot in the woods and put the fire pit there. It was in our back yard, but we moved the garden to where the pit was and moved the pit to the woods. It’s a nook in the woods really. Our “vacation” spot. 🙂 I’ll have to find pictures of it (not sure if I do have any) or take pictures of it when things start blooming and looking green again.

God knew I needed these warm days! I was starting to get stir crazy and cabin fever and all those other winter “ailments.” I’m dreaming of plowing and planting a vegetable garden. I want to do green beans (3 rows this year), tomatoes, cucumbers (yummy), peppers (we do green and Eric likes some hot ones), spinach, and something fun, maybe sunflowers (one for each kid). We’ll see how it goes anyway! I had a garden idea and list somewhere – I have to find it!

Ok, I’m going to close with a few things I’m thankful for: 1. Warmer weather! 2. God’s love! 3. My wonderful husband & children!

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